Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Plug-Hole Monster - Kids Poems

The gurgling, burbling plug-hole monster,
Is waiting to slurp up your bath!
Skulking below in the bowels of the drain,
It belches its bubbling wrath!

Biding its time, till you pull out the plug,
Watch out, or it nibbles your feet!
The terrible, blubbering beast there within,
Is something you don't want to meet!

A blobulous mass of suddy shampoo,
It gulps dirty water with glee.
Then shiftily checks for the presence of toes,
And, with luck, the occasional knee!

So take heed and beware as you finish your soak,
And ensure that you keep your legs clear!
Let it swig till it's full, hear it grumble and moan,
And despondently then disappear!